Freya, A Viking Saga

Freya 3History can be spellbinding as children at Beaucroft Foundation School discovered in June 2016 when they enjoyed a magical performance of Freya, a Viking Saga, as part of the History Festival.

The beautifully designed puppets and skilful puppeteers of Angel Heart and Rattlebox Theatre enthralled the children with their rendition of ‘Freya, a Viking Saga’. Freya, a Viking girl and friend of the gods, must use her wits to escape a giant’s cooking pot and prove that friendship is “stronger that the strength of a giant and more powerful than the magic of a god.”

Illustrating to children the importance of friendship, the colourful performance brought two famous Viking myths vividly and humorously to life.

The children, aged between eight and sixteen, with special educational needs, were entranced by the performance, for some this was their first experience of live theatre and of professional puppetry and they joined in enthusiastically and enjoyed the show from start to finish.