Jack O’London

…with Cath Edwards

Monday 29th July, 7pm @ Church House, High Street, Wimborne

If it takes a thief to catch a thief, what’s to be done about murder?

When a life has been taken and no-one has paid, who can the poor rely on but the poor?

Vivid characters, both real and from Victorian myth and fable, tread old London’s streets. Some scrape a living as best they can; one is characterised by greed and selfishness; one has hidden sorrows; one is irrepressibly optimistic; and one has stepped out of his own story, his little dog by his side.

Into their lives comes Jack, a trickster who loves riddles, at home under cover of night. As all move between darkness and light, darker yet is the shadow cast by Newgate prison. Storyteller Cath Edwards tells the stories, asks the riddles and sings the songs that make up this intriguing show. 

Suitable for Adults and Children aged 12+

Ticket price £7.50 includes a glass of wine or soft drink. Tickets are available from Gulliver’s Bookshop, High Street, Wimborne or online (booking fee applies).