Saxon Tales – Of Gods, Myths and Monsters

…with Dave Tonge

Friday 2nd August, 2.30pm @ Wimborne Minster (Church)

Join Dave Tonge, aka The Yarnsmith of Norwich, as he digs deep in history to delight his audience with tales and stories from Saxon times.

Picture yourself seated in a Saxon long hall, its richly carved columns rising up behind you, its walls decorated with the swords and shields of your enemies vanquished in battle and the skins of wild beasts slaughtered during the hunt. Sweet melodies played upon the gentle harp fill the air, transporting you to another world.

Full from feasting you sup from a horn cup; drawing ever closer to the bright blazing fire, banishing the chill night air, while the fragrant wood smoke fills your nostrils, putting you at your ease.

And now all goes quiet as the scop, the Saxon storyteller, begins to ply his trade. So gather close and hear tell some spell binding stories from over a thousand years ago about fire breathing dragons and of the heroic Beowulf. Hear tell of Wayland the Smith and his swan wife Herva. Come closer still and know of the Blind Bowmen who revenged himself upon a vicious thegn and of the Iron sword forged beneath the earth long ago.

Suitable for adults and children age 8+.

Tickets £5 per person, available from Gulliver’s Bookshop, High Street, Wimborne or online (booking fee applies).