With covid making our Festival date uncertain we decided to promote some summer fun to our programme working with the Dorset Council Holiday and Food Programme (HAF) in partnership with the Museum in Wimborne…

Wimborne History Festival Fridays @The Museum of East Dorset

We held three Georgian related craft days in summer 2021 for children with Dorset artists

These four Wimborne History Festival Friday workshops were organised in partnership with Wimborne History Festival and the Museum of East Dorset to bring summer and christmas opportunities for children.

Each workshop provided the children attending the event with hot lunch provided by the “Cafe @ the Allendale” and an opportunity to see the Museum exhibitions.

WHF FRIDAY 3D Build a Galleon with artist Darrell Wakelam

Children had the opportunity to get creative with artist Darrell Wakelam with this fun and easy to learn technique working with cardboard and coloured tissue paper creating realistic Smugglers Galleon to take home.

Children displaying their Galleons
WHF Friday workshop with Darrell Wakelam

WHF FRIDAY Clay Lion workshop with artist Deborah Clarke

This was a fun clay workshop making a lion following the designs by Eleanor Coade who was a Dorset businesswoman during the Georgian period, she manufactured large ornamental stone lions and these designs were the inspiration for the children’s own lions.

A proud lion created by one of the children

CHRISTMAS 21 Little Birds with Sarah Butterworth

Children took part in a Christmas workshop making delightful Little Birds Christmas Decorations.

WHF FRIDAY Exploding Georgian Head collage workshop with artist Sarah Redmond-Fareham

Children created fantastic unique mixed media collage using an explosion of exciting ideas and imagery inspired by Georgian life.