Sting in the Tale, a festival of stories

The much loved Sting in the Tale festival returned in 2019, opening with a flourish with ‘Field of Stories’, a full day of family storytelling, crafts and activities on Willow Walk in Wimborne on Saturday 27th July.  

Audiences of all ages enjoyed a variety of storytelling events and performances, from encounters with dragons to shapeshifting Japanese Tanuki, tales of Loki and Thor to stories of food.

With Strangeface’s wonderful puppet show ‘Beached’ telling the adventures of Arnold, a Highwayman on Trial in Wimborne Square, an elegant Georgian couple visiting the town’s coffee haunts and the Litter Twitter Trio promoting awareness of plastics and recycling, it was a fun, colourful and educational event.

Sting in the Tale would like to thank all those who gave their time to help run the event, our much valued volunteers, the festival team and the performers, and of course our funders and partners. We hope to return in 2021!